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What is ECA Membership?

ECA Accredited Electrician

ECA Membership Explained:

As the largest trade association in the United Kingdom, the ECA - Electrical Contractors' Association - is committed to representing organizations specializing in electrotechnical and engineering services. To attain ECA membership, organizations undergo a thorough and periodic technical assessment, ensuring approval is granted based on stringent criteria.

This rigorous evaluation serves as a robust guarantee of members' adherence to the most stringent industry standards for electrical safety and quality. It affirms their capability to proficiently manage, supervise, and execute electrical work, showcasing requisite skills, knowledge, and experience in the field.


Additionally, ECA members are obligated to demonstrate competency in health and safety practices, providing essential financial information as part of their membership application.


This comprehensive approach ensures that ECA members exemplify excellence across various facets of their operations, reinforcing the association's commitment to maintaining the highest standards within the electrotechnical and engineering services sector.

History of the ECA

Established in 1901, the ECA - Electrical Contractors' Association - was founded with the primary objective of advocating for the interests of contractors engaged in the design, installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment and services.

The significance of the ECA was notably pronounced during the 1920s and 1930s, a pivotal era marked by the widespread introduction of electric power to households. Prior to this transformative period and the establishment of the National Grid, electricity distribution was characterized by varying voltages and frequencies, creating a complex and fragmented landscape in the provision of electrical services.

ECA Guarantee Scheme of Works Scheme

Automatically applies to all ECA Members' work. If technical non-compliances are discovered, ECA ensure the works will be reinstated to their certifiable standard.

The ECA Guarantee of Work provides a free benefit to the clients of ECA Members. If, once completed, works covered are discovered to be non-compliant with relevant technical standards, the works will be reinstated to be compliant with the relevant standards.

The Guarantee of Work Scheme is Part P and TrustMark compliant.

ECA Bond Scheme

Assuring customers that work carried out will be completed.

Assuring ECA Members' clients that the additional cost of completion/rectification will be met by ECA’s insurer in the event of contractor insolvency or work found to not be compliant with technical standards.

Expert ECA members support

Having ECA Membership allows TEST Electrician to stay up to date with the latest regulations, ECA dedicated expert teams can make sure we have the information we need to carry out our work.

Expert technical support and guidance covering the full range of electrotechnical, fire & security disciplines are available to us should we need it.

And all the Information and advice across a broad range of health and safety topics and issues to help us as members manage and control risks.

NICEIC Electrical certification experts

One of the premier electrical certification suppliers in the North West, and we are proud to offer a complete range of services to our clients.


Both NICEIC and ECA registered, our dedicated staff are experienced in delivering a highly professional service to our domestic, commercial & industrial clients in Greater Manchester and throughout the UK.

All our employees are time served Approved Electricians and have completed a full apprenticeship. They also take continuing electrical update courses and regularly attend seminars and toolbox talks to stay up to date with the latest regulations.

Your electrical work is safe, high quality, up to date with best practices and the latest industry trends and regulations. Plus you can be confident in a more efficient and effective process, cost savings, and a trusted partner for future electrical needs.

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