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TEST Electrician EICR Certificate

About TEST Electrician . Manchester

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For over 30 years, TEST Electrician Manchester has stood as a reliable and esteemed presence in the electrical industry, catering to the requirements of businesses in Manchester and surrounding areas. Our dedication to excellence and our strong ties within the community distinguish us as a leading choice.

Our journey, spanning more than three decades, commenced with a passion for electrical craftsmanship and a commitment to delivering exceptional services to the flourishing businesses of Manchester.


At TEST Electrician Manchester, we take pride in our deep local roots and the trust we've garnered over the years. Our expertise extends to NICEIC certificates and comprehensive electrical testing services in Manchester.

ECA Accredited Electrician
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NICEIC Approved Contractor

Dedicated Local Electrician Teams

Our success wouldn't be possible without our exceptional teams of local Manchester electricians.

 Some have been with us for nearly two decades, demonstrating their unwavering commitment and expertise.

 Our teams are the heartbeat of our company, and their dedication to service excellence is second to none.

A Sustainable Future for everyone

 We also believe in a modern, sustainable future. As advocates for renewable energy systems, we're dedicated to helping businesses embrace eco-friendly practices and reduce their carbon footprint.


 Our commitment to renewable energy is a testament to our forward-thinking approach.

Expertise and Continuous Advancement

 Our comprehensive services encompass a wide range of electrical solutions, Testing and Certification, including EICR

 Ensuring that we can meet all your requirements with precision and efficiency. We are the expert NICEIC Testing and Certification electricians in Manchester and surrounding areas.

Certification and Compliance

We offer comprehensive electrical NICEIC certification services to ensure compliance and safety.

This includes Periodic Inspection Reports  EICR , Electrical Danger Notifications, Minor Works Certifications, Electrical Installation Certifications, Emergency Lighting Certifications, and Fire Alarm Certifications.

TEST Electrician we are the experts

  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports - EICR Comprehensive assessments of existing electrical installations to ensure safety and compliance.

  • Electrical Testing : Testing and validation of electrical systems to identify issues, ensure functionality, and promote safety.

  • NICEIC Certification : Providing NICEIC approved electrical certification, indicating compliance with rigorous industry standards.

  • Commercial EICR : Specialized inspections tailored to commercial and industrial properties to maintain safety and compliance.

  • Emergency Lighting Testing : Testing and NICEIC certificate of emergency lighting systems for safety and compliance.

  • Fire Alarm Testing : Evaluation and NICEIC certificate of fire alarm systems to ensure they function as intended.

  • Data Cabling Certification : Ensuring data cabling systems are correctly installed and meet industry standards.

  • Periodic Inspection and Testing : Regular assessment of electrical installations to maintain safety and compliance over time.

  • Electrical Repairs and Remediation : Identifying and fixing electrical faults, ensuring continued safety and functionality, and NICEIC testing

  • Energy Efficiency Audits : Assessing electrical systems for energy efficiency and recommending improvements.

  • Thermal Imaging Surveys : Using thermal imaging technology to identify electrical issues, such as overheating or faults.

  • Risk Assessments : Evaluating electrical systems to identify potential hazards and develop risk mitigation strategies.

  • Consultation and Advisory Services : Offering expert advice on electrical safety, compliance, and efficiency.

  • Documentation and Compliance Management : Assisting clients in maintaining records and documentation for regulatory compliance, and updates your electrical certificate.

  • Maintenance Contracts : Supporting ongoing maintenance services to ensure the long-term reliability and safety of electrical systems. We can offer 1 year, 3 year and 5 Year Maintenance Contracts.

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