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NICEIC Approved EICR - ECA Accredited Electrical Testing 

Electrical Testing Specialists Manchester

Retail, Industrial & Commercial EICR, Electrical Testing and Electrical Certification.

We provide quality NICEIC Electrical Testing Services to businesses like yours in and around Manchester, which make sure that both your staff and customers have a safe environment, at all times. We can also carry out these works without any interruption to you normal day to day business activities, and with everyone's safety firmly in focus

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What is an NICEIC Approved Contractor?

For us at TEST Electrician, our NICEIC Approved Contractor Status serves as irrefutable evidence of our commitment to delivering outstanding and professionally executed electrical services. Being an NICEIC Approved Contractor allows us to continuously evaluate ourselves against industry standards, ensuring we consistently provide you with the highest level of electrical services. As NICEIC continually refines its service standards, you can rest assured that we remain well-trained and equipped to deliver services, electrical safety certificates, testing and inspection that align precisely with your unique needs.

NICEIC Approved Contractor

What is the Competent Person Scheme (CPS)

CPS membership will allows us at TEST Electrician to self-certify that our electrical work complies with the Building Regulations in England and Wales, saving you time and money by removing the need to notify Building Control in advance, or having to pay the Building Control fees normally associated with an installation. It is a legal requirement that certain electrical work should be notified and CPS membership is the most effective way of complying

Register Competent person Electrical

What is ECA Accredited?

The ECA stands as the United Kingdom's largest trade association, dedicated to representing electrotechnical and engineering services organizations. ECA members undergo a stringent and periodic technical assessment to gain approval for their membership. This rigorous evaluation guarantees their adherence to the most stringent industry electrical safety and quality standards. It confirms their ability to effectively manage, supervise, and execute electrical work with the requisite skills, knowledge and experience. Additionally, ECA members must demonstrate their competency in health and safety while providing essential financial information for their membership application.

ECA Accredited Electrician
Fire Alarm Certification
NICEIC Approved Contractor
Test Electrician Testing
Registered Competent Person Scheme
Electrician doing EICR
ECA Registered Member
Electrician Inspecting circuit
Electrical Test and Inspection
Emergency Escape Lighting

Domestic Electrical Testing

NICEIC Part P Approved

It is important to use a Part P Domestic Installer to comply with the requirements of Part P. The Part P requirement is that: Reasonable provision shall be made in the design and installation of electrical installations in order to protect persons operating, maintaining or altering the installations from fire or injury. In short, electrical installations must be safe! in domestic properties.

Commercial Electrical Testing

Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report

NICEIC Approved Contractors are assessed to the highest standards covering all types of electrical work including, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of commercial, industrial and domestic electrical installations, testing and certification. We are the premier NICEIC Electrical Testing specialist in Manchester.

Electrical Inspection

Retail Electrical Testing

Multi-Site Testing

Large or small businesses which own or rent a commercial property or have Multi sites (including retail outlets, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, leisure facilities and warehouses) must have a current Satisfactory NICEIC Electrical Certificate, to comply with the Electricity at Works Act 1989. If NOT you need our help.

Landlord Electrical Testing

Covering Legal Requirements

It is important that you are aware of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 which requires that the electrical installation in a property is safe when the tenancy begins and Maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy. To ensure these requirements are met, it is recommended that the landlord has a full electrical inspection and test completed at least every 5 years or at each change of occupancy. In additional regular visual checks of the electrics should be carried out. Contact us for more information

School Electrical Testing

Electrical Installation Condition Report - EICR

As a head teacher or school site manager you are highly likely to appoint electrical contractors to carry out work on your school buildings. If you need an NICEIC Registered Electrical Contractor then look no further. We are always here to help. You trust the experts in Electrical Testing and Electrical NICEIC Certification.

Insurance Electrical Testing

Insurance Approved Tester

We have been working with numerous well known insurers over the last 10 years, we have been asked to inspect damage caused to electrical installations on numerous properties caused by fire or water. We have a quick response team of specialist NICEIC Approved electrical testing engineers on call at all times for Electrical Test and Inspection.

Electrical Consultancy

TEST Electrician.

What Type of premises need Electrical Certification?

Is Your EICR Certificate Up To Date?

Do you have a current, in-date EICR - electrical installation condition report? If not — or you’re not sure — call us right away on 0800 999 8009 because you’re breaching your obligations under the Electricity At Work Act 1989 which is a legal requirement for all businesses.

It states you must maintain your building and the only way to show the buildings electrical systems having been maintained is by carrying out frequent electrical testing. So having a current Electrical certificate is a must for all business owners, directors and managers. Do you need your electrical inspection?

Is Your EICR Certificate Satisfactory?

If you have a current EICR ( electrical installation condition report ), is it labelled ‘satisfactory’ or Unsatisfactory? For you to be legally compliant under the Electricity at Work Act 1989, your certificate must show the status of your electrics as ‘satisfactory’ after its Electrical Installation Condition report.

If it doesn’t and it is labelled Unsatisfactory, this means that Code1 and Code 2 defects have been listed in the defects schedule of your electrical Installation Condition Report - call us on 0161 410 2000 and we’ll pinpoint and fix what’s gone wrong with an expert electrical inspection.

Does Your EICR Have Code 1 & 2 Defects?

Any Code 1 defects listed on your EICR certificate are serious and require immediate attention as they pose a present danger, and there’s a risk of electrocution or electrical fire. Any Code 2 defects although not as serious, must still be addressed right away, as they point to a potentially dangerous issue with your electrical installation. Call us now on 0800 999 8009 as should anyone be injured through electrocution or electrical fire, as the business owner, director or manager could face prosecution and your insurance could also be invalid

Does Your EICR Have Code 3 Defects?

Not quite as serious as Code 1 or 2 defects, any Code 3 defects on your EICR certificate are recommendations and must still be addressed before your next EICR Test date. Public buildings are generally 1year and Commercial buildings 3-5 year.

These recommendations point out the installation is not necessarily dangerous, but it does not comply with the current version of the regulations.

 Call us now on 0800 999 8009 and let’s get a pre-planned rectification program in place.

Fire Alarm Certification

We provide Fire Alarm Certificates in strict compliance with BS5839 Part 6 standards for fire alarm installation. Testing procedures are conducted as outlined in BS5839 Part 1 Section 6, with a minimum requirement of testing every six months.


Comprehensive records of each test and fire alarm installation certificate are diligently maintained in a log book for documentation and compliance purposes.

Commercial Smoke Detector

How Much does an EICR Cost?

The cost of an EICR ( electrical installation condition report ) can vary based on the size and complexity of the property. A small one-bedroom apartment may range from £160 to £200, while a sizable commercial building could be significantly more expensive, potentially reaching several thousand pounds. Location can also influence the cost, with prices typically higher in major cities like London and other metropolitan areas.

Who can carry out an EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report ?

Only qualified electricians registered with a regulatory body like the NICEIC are authorized to conduct electrical installation condition reports and issue corresponding certificates. EICRs should exclusively be performed by qualified electricians who maintain registration with a recognized regulatory body such as the NICEIC.

What is the difference between EIC and EICR?

Following the installation of new electrical systems, responsible parties are provided with a certification of compliance known as an "Electrical Installation Certificate" (abbreviated as EIC). On the other hand, an Electrical Installation Condition Report   EICR serves as a comprehensive assessment of the existing electrical wiring within a structure, ensuring not only its safety but also its overall condition.

Electrical Installation Condition Report - EICR : Thorough Evaluations for Safety and Compliance Conducting comprehensive assessments of existing electrical installations, our Electrical Installation Condition Reports ( EICR ) ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance are met in Electrical Test and Inspection.


Electrical Testing : Validation for Functionality and Safety Assurance Our Electrical Testing services involve rigorous validation of electrical systems, identifying issues, ensuring functionality, and prioritizing safety for seamless operations. Testing and Electrical inspection by NICEIC certified experts.


NICEIC Certificate : Industry-Approved Electrical Certification We provide NICEIC approved electrical certificates, a testament to our compliance with industry standards and commitment to delivering electrical solutions of the highest calibre. From TEST Electrician Manchester.


Commercial EICR : Tailored Inspections for Commercial and Industrial Properties Specialized electrical inspections designed for commercial and industrial properties, our Commercial EICRs prioritize safety and compliance, addressing the unique needs of diverse business environments.


Emergency Lighting Testing : Ensuring Emergency Lighting Safety and Compliance Our Emergency Lighting Testing services include thorough assessments and NICEIC certification to guarantee the safety and compliance of emergency lighting systems.


Fire Alarm Testing : Evaluation and Certification for Optimal Fire Safety We conduct meticulous evaluations of fire alarm systems, providing an NICEIC certificate to ensure these critical safety components function as intended.


Data Cabling Certification : Ensuring Precision and Industry Compliance Our Data Cabling Certification services focus on verifying correct installations and adherence to industry standards for seamless data connectivity.


Periodic Inspection and Testing : Sustaining Safety and Compliance Over Time Regular assessments of electrical installations ensure ongoing safety and compliance, reinforcing the longevity and reliability of electrical systems. Electrical Test and Inspection by the experts.


Electrical Repairs and Remediation : Swift Identification and Resolution of Electrical Faults Identifying and rectifying electrical faults promptly, our Electrical Repairs and Remediation services prioritize continuous safety and functionality.


Energy Efficiency Audits : Strategies for Enhanced Electrical Efficiency Our Energy Efficiency Audits assess electrical systems, providing recommendations for improvements that contribute to overall energy efficiency.


Thermal Imaging Surveys : Advanced Detection of Electrical Issues Using cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, our surveys identify potential electrical issues such as overheating or faults for proactive resolution.


Risk Assessments: Holistic Evaluations for Hazard Mitigation Conducting thorough risk assessments, we identify potential hazards in electrical systems and develop strategies to mitigate risks effectively.


Consultation and Advisory Services : Expert Guidance on Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency Offering expert advice, our Consultation and Advisory Services cover various aspects of electrical safety, compliance, and efficiency for informed decision-making. Electrical Test and Inspection by the experts at Test Electrician Manchester.


Documentation and Compliance Management : Assistance in Regulatory Compliance We support clients in maintaining accurate records and documentation, ensuring seamless compliance with UK Electrical regulatory standards.


Maintenance Contracts : Long-Term Reliability and Safety Assurance Our Maintenance Contracts offer ongoing services to ensure the sustained reliability and safety of electrical systems over the long term.

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